Uspensky Cathedral in Odessa

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Among 5 must-see attractions in Odessa the Uspensky Cathedral (Holy Assumption Cathedral) occupies a special place. Its construction started in 1855 and in 1869 the Cathedral was dedicated. Most prominent architectures of those times were invited to create a temple that became one of the biggest in the whole Russian Empire. Within it about 5000 people can be accommodated. It is five-domed and has a bell-tower about 56 m high. The Cathedral is divided into Upper and Lower temples.
Interior of the Cathedral is very rich. Visitors can enjoy watching ancient icons, the main of which is an icon of the Kasper Icon of the Virgin. It’s claimed that this icon saved Odessa from total destruction during the Crimean War in October 1855.
The Uspensky Cathedral is located not far from the railway station, so you can rent Odessa apartments somewhere close to it and see it from the windows.
Address: 70, Preobrazhenskaya Street.

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